40+ Years in business

B. Gruser Builder


Why Choose Us?

In business for over 40 years, B. Grueser Builder offers experience in all phases of construction and building its deep commitment to innovative and green building practices Barney Grueser is your obvious choice for your next project. Let us be your turn key builder.

Project Services

  •   Project and site managment
  •   Commercial and Municipal building
  •   Underground and Infrastructure
  •   Residential and Home Building
  •   Green building and reclaimed materials

Log Cabin Recovery & Restoration

Specializing in the recovery and restoration of old log cabins and hand hewn timber frame barns.

Materials are salvaged from old log cabins and vintage timber frame barns saved and restored as modern log homes and barns. We preserve the quality craftsmanship of early log cabin construction, bringing to life centuries old, cabins and barns using materials that simply don’t exist in today’s trade. It’s a tired adage, but it’s true that “they just don’t make ’em like they used to.”

Timber Frame & Custom Homes

We also excell in Timber Frame home construction along with Traditional Custom home development.